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Mind you step, you'll be swallowed up by crap art like the one below

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ground painted red
i finally have a greenfire child after literally two years :DDDDDDD
this is halcyon mynah greenfire-uciliece and he is my precious baby

facts about hal:
I. he actually has green eyes the colour of hush's pelt but he's never opened them so nobody knows what colour they are
II. sometimes he has green glow coming out of his eyes if he gets too emotional. like a cloud of glowing green dust.
III. he gets around by biosonar, a power, and feeling vibrations in the earth. he has sense casting so his other senses work really well too!
IV. he's from nam's and hush's first litter! that means that hal is twelve this in-game year 
V. hal got mageslapped and he basically slept... half his life away so he's all new to the world and sad and confused. he's a confused old man.
The Undertaker
For H202Cadfan of their adopt, The Undertaker!
like i promised <3

star-walker image coming for I-DELTA-I soon! i've been swamped with schoolwork lately so things will be a little slow. but it will come!
Adopt bundle 1
i am selling these for points! adopting one will get you a full sized file and a custom artwork featuring your adopt!
this ends next week to give me time to draw them all xD
undertaker: sb: 100 taken by H202Cadfan (working on it!)
star-painter: claimed by I-DELTA-I! (Working on it now!)
bone chewer: sb: 200 
water-dweller has been claimed by reybies
Was tagged by KebabPekoniRulla to do because she said who wanted to do and i wanted. so there.
Oh and the chars are all from

Berthadhiell Tuarwen Umbra, previously Berthadhiell Tuarwen Shadowfire.
 Berthadhiell actually prefers to be called Hiell, but she uses her full name when she wants to intimidate someone.
X Hiell was born in Atrox (her pack), grew up there and then got banished because her mother challenged the current ruler. Following that, her mother returned to Atrox and claimed the throne in the ruler's absence. Hiell was challenged by a new recruit, made friends with her (when they originally wanted to kill each other) and then became Beta under her rule when she challenged Eleniel, Hiell's mother. When Ashen disappeared Hiell took over her position. Here we have the history of Berthadhiell Tuarwen Umbra, Regent of Atrox. Politics.
X Hiell has a soul shadow, a chicken. She also has an owl named Hysteris because she fangirl.
X Hiell is 3 years old and has a shitton of magic but she has to hire a wizard to do detailed work because she's mostly focused on fire and not spellwork.
X Berthadhiell used to be a boy, Sadron. Sadron, however, is now his own separate character. 
X Her name means 'Descendant of the Challenger'. I chose that because puns.
X Berthadhiell's original surname was Shadowfire but because she like Ashen, she took on the given name. It is now also a family name on Sordid Secrets so you should all check that out too.
X Hiell is secretly extremely power-hungry. She hides it quite well but it's in her nature for her to want to do that.

Kirkas Ilo, goofball child of Tundris and KebabPekoniRulla 's Kuun Kajo and Luu
X Kirkas Ilo means 'Bright Joy'. It is smashed-up Finnish words that my two Finnish friends up there are probably killing me for. Because I suck. And am not Finnish myself.
X Kirkas Ilo's name is not Kirkas. It is actually Ilo, because Finnish. Kirkas is his 'surname'. Usually his name would be Kuun Ilo, but am a butt. Also, Kirkas is pretty important to Ilo's personality/story. It is like Chinese. Surname before actual name.
X Ilo is almost constantly happy.
X But Ilo is not actually always happy. He hides his insecurities behind a mask of joy. Like going to war, or his inability to control his magic properly.
X He has three pairs of wings, so he's going to be an awesome acrobat when he grows up.
X Ilo is one of the Winter!pups. All of them have also been born to KebabPekoniRulla 's woofs. Suvetar, Melandru, Ahti, Ilo etc. ALL OF THEM. AHHH.
Ilo is gonna have some massive sadtimes that he'll try to hide but fail at it.
He will lose his tail.

I TAGGGGG KebabPekoniRulla (Tuoni Tuska, he fun) Tundris (Luuranko/Virvatuli) Scarynumber ThirteenThirteen13 (Corentin) SecretAgent9 (Grumpybutt Moro)


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